Mission & Vision

About AWCCI 2014

The Australian Women Chamber of Commerce is the national peak body for women business owners in Australia.

About us

AWCCI was launched on International Women's Day in 2011. It was formed to represent self-employed women at a federal level. The 1 million women trading in Australia today have a significant impact on our economy and AWCCI provides a voice at the tables where decisions are made that affect women business owners.

What we do

Our role is to assist Australia's self-employed women to be as successful as possible in their business endeavours.

AWCCI provides self-employed women with the contacts and resources required to nurture your business. This includes providing access to potential investors, networking groups and critical information sources. We also deliver a range of workshops designed to assist you and your business to be more effective.

We also undertake research to understand the needs of Australia's self-employed women; armed with this data, we lobby on your behalf to change policies and programs that will help you. In this way we work to create a legislative environment that will assist your business to survive and thrive.


 1. Research into the needs of female entrepreneurs: AWCCI released its first national research report on female entrepreneurs and self-employed women in 2012. In March 2013 a report on women in rural/regional vs. women in urban Australia was distributed across the country. The data collected, from almost 3000 women, has allowed us to advise government and industry on policy and programs and provide self-employed women with what they want and need including workshops on marketing; we are now working to ensure women can access contracts from government and industry!

 2. Changes in Child care Legislation: As a result of the AWCCI national TV and radio campaigns we were able to generate significant media attention that led to the then Shadow Minister Sussan Ley, and the former Minister Kate Ellis to take part in a national TV debate. As a result of this several policy promises were made that we expect to see implemented this year by the Coalition government.

3. Successful workshop series: AWCCI provides workshops designed to assist your business to be more effective. Our workshops are highly successful with significant positive feedback from attendees.

"I went to the AWCCI workshop and was blown away! The quality of the speakers was fantastic. Yolanda was a brilliant host. The event was run efficiently and with good humour. I found it immensely valuable to meet predominantly with entrepreneurial women, even though men were also welcome! I found that very empowering and encouraging!" Fiona McKenzie, Melbourne based lawyer.

Click here to view the AWCCI Constitution.